I like to take pictures, some of my favorites are below. If you click on a photo, a larger version will open in a new window. You can see more of my work at my 500px site.

bumble bee on coneflower board walk in the woods Dolles candy shop
rocks at the beach bumblebee ww2 watch towers
path in the woods old workshop butterfly


I am also a Miniac, here are a few pictures of my current car, her name is Scarlett. Yes I do realize that she is all dressed up in Rutgers colors. When I got her, she was solid red, and when I had the stripes added, the black & white combination just looked better than anything else.

mini cooper mini cooper
mini cooper mini cooper
MINI Owners often take drives together, here is a video from the Mini Owners of New Jersey's Double Diner Run, from 2012 A short video of the last few minutes of my daily commute

Amateur Radio

I have held an amateur radio license since 2001, my original callsign was KC2IVL, but when I upggraded my license to Extra class I became AB2RC. I am also an ARRL Volunteer Examiner and Registered Instructor, along with being the Publications Director for the Delaware Valley Radio Association.

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